The Leadership Team

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Dr Geetha – Clinical Director

As a Clinical Director, I oversee and shape our network’s strategies, ensuring our patients receive exceptional care.

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Lu – PCN Manager

As a PCN (Primary Care Network) Manager, I oversee the strategic, operational and HR aspects of our network. My role involves coordinating between practices, managing resources, and facilitating collaborative initiatives to improve healthcare delivery within our community.

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Tayyub – Digital Transformation Lead

In my role as a Digital Transformation Lead, I drive the strategic vision and implementation of digital initiatives across our organisation. I spearhead efforts to integrate innovative technologies, streamline processes, and cultivate a digital-first mindset, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and user experiences.

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Muddasser – Lead Clinical Pharmacist

As a Lead Clinical Pharmacist, I guide and innovate pharmaceutical practices within our healthcare setting. I champion patient-centred care, collaborate with healthcare teams, and oversee medication management strategies to optimise patient health outcomes.

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Emily – Personalised Care Team Lead/Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker

As a Personalised Care Team Lead, I oversee the integration and advancement of services by our Team.   I drive initiatives that empower individuals to access non-medical support, collaborate with community partners, and guide a team dedicated to enhancing holistic health and well-being.

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Dr K. Sedgwick – Educational Lead

As an educational lead, I promote the development and implementation of educational strategies within the network. I collaborate with teams to enhance educational programs, foster a culture of learning, and ensure the delivery of effective and innovative teaching methods.